Cordflon™ Next-generation 2-in-1 thread sealant - 100% PTFE

For threaded fittings and pipes

Cordflon™ is a next-generation monofilament that is replacing and outperforming low-density tapes in the sealing tape market due to its 100% PTFE composition and its many innovative technical features.

Product Highlights

- Excellent resistance.
- Stable technical performance.
- Easy and quick to install.

Industrial applications :

Construction Construction
Home appliances Home appliances

Technical characteristics :

  • 75m spool packaged in a hand-held centrefeed dispenser with an integrated cutter for 360° cutting.
  • Excellent resistance to most chemicals and other aggressive fluids, as well as to bacterial growth and enzymatic or microbiological attacks .
  • Stable technical performance over a temperature range of -200°C/240°C​.
  • Non-flammable material.
  • Inert material that retains its original texture and flexibility over its entire shelf life.

Product highlights :

  • Thanks to its 100% PTFE composition, Cordflon™ makes it possible to create a flexible seal that adheres completely to the threaded part of the support under the effect of compression when tightened, and guarantees a perfect seal with a few millimetres of thickness.
  • There is no risk of Cordflon™ drying out; the product retains all its technical performance characteristics over its unlimited shelf life.
  • Cordflon™ can replace a wide range of standard low-density tapes with thicknesses between 0.075 mm and 0.100 mm for all types of applications.
  • Its 75m-long spool is equivalent to about 11 rolls of standard PTFE tape.
  • Cordflon™ meets the BS7786:2006 grade “H” (the highest level) and WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme app. no. 1704579) standards for use with drinkable and hot water.
  • Product available under the manufacturer’s label or a private label.