Twineflon® Revolutionary 3-in-1 100% PTFE

Thread sealant for threaded fittings and pipes made of metal and plastic (PVC, PP, PE)

Twineflon®, the only sealing product to meet the EN751-3 standard for the classes GRp & FRp, is a next-generation 100% PTFE monofilament without any additives and with many innovative technical features that make it better than currently available low-density tapes.

Product Highlights

- Easy and quick to install.
- Patented for use in gas fittings.
- Suitable for drinking water (hot and cold).

Industrial applications :

Construction Construction
Home appliances Home appliances
Sanitation Sanitation
Chemistry Chemistry

Technical characteristics:

  • 175m spool packaged in a hand-held centrefeed dispenser with an integrated cutter for 360° cutting and finishing liquid (optional).
  • Resistant to even the most aggressive chemicals, solvents, fuels, and acids, and to oxidation, embrittlement, fungal and bacterial growth, and enzymatic or microbiological attacks.
  • Stable technical performance over a temperature range of -200°C/240°C.
  • Non-flammable material.
  • Inert material that retains its original texture and flexibility over its entire shelf life.

Product highlights :

  • Twineflon® allows for exceptional installation speeds due to overlaps being possible, and guarantees a perfect seal by creating a gasket that adheres completely to the threaded part of the support under the effect of compression when tightened.
  • There is no risk of Twineflon® drying out; the product retains all its technical performance characteristics over its unlimited shelf life.
  • Twineflon® is patented for use in gas fittings.
  • Its 175m-long spool is equivalent to about 25 rolls of standard PTFE tape.
  • Twineflon® meets the most stringent international standards, including KIWA Gastec, TZW, KTW, BAM, WRAS, UL, EN751-1, and EN751-2
  • Twineflon® is the only PTFE filament that complies with the EN-751-3 FRp and GRp standards.
  • Product available under the manufacturer’s label or a private label.

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