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Twineflon® Revolutionary 3-in-1 thread sealant for threaded fittings and pipes made of metal and plastic (PVC, PP, PE) - 100% PTFE

Twineflon® is the only sealant that meets the EN751-3 standard for the classes GRp & FRp. Twineflon® is a next-generation 100% PTFE monofilament without any additives and with many innovative technical features that make it better than currently available low-density tapes. Twineflon® allows for exceptional installation speeds due to overlaps being possible. It guarantees a perfect seal by creating a gasket that adheres completely to the threaded part of the support under the effect of compression when tightened.
Its 175m-long spool is equivalent to nearly 25 rolls of standard PTFE tape. Twineflon® is patented for use in gas fittings, and meets the most stringent international standards, including KIWA Gastec, TZW, KTW, BAM, WRAS, and UL.

Available under the manufacturer’s label or a private label.

Our offer

Raw materials

Our wide range of virgin or filled fluoropolymers meet the vast majority of your needs in industrial applications.

Semi-finished products

We have a very large choice of tubes, rods, plates, both extruded and molded in virgin or filled fluoropolymer.

Tailor-made products

We have the ability to meet the complexity of your technical requirements by offering you parts in fluorinated polymers that are machined or injected, in accordance with your specifications.

Purchasing office and consulting firm

We support you in the process of purchasing products manufactured in China. Our role is to allow you to have access to the Chinese offer while limiting the risks and optimizing your costs.
Company overview

FLUOROSMART is a European platform that specialises in fluoropolymers made in China.

In order to tackle an increasingly competitive market associated with demanding technical requirements, FLUOROSMART has developed a range of plastic products that are high-quality and fairly priced.

FLUOROSMART will support you in fulfilling all your requirements. It will do so by meeting your expectations using its knowledge of different materials and the many processes involved in using them, as well as through its knowledge of the various areas of industrial application of fluoropolymers.

Being a FLUOROSMART client means benefitting from our expertise as an international purchasing office and a consulting firm, which will help you grow in Europe and/or internationally.