Sylvain Sini

Sylvain Sini - CEO Fluorosmart

Fluorosmart was born of Sylvain Sini’s more than 20 years in high performance plastic products. Sylvain is an internationally recognized expert in the field of fluoropolymers. Throughout the past twenty-four years, including 18 devoted to the Asian markets, Sylvain has acquired expertise in the production, marketing, negotiation and distribution of high-performance plastic materials and products.

Based on his experience, Sylvain has developed FLUOROSMART, a European platform specialized in fluorinated polymers, with a qualitative offerSylvain is also the founder of Xiflon Shanghai, a company specializing in the production of fluorinated resins and semi-finished products, of which Fluorosmart is the sole distributor for the whole of Europe. Xiflon and Fluorosmart are committed to providing you with top quality technical polymers that meet all of your needs, while scrupulously respecting your requirements and your specifications.Being a FLUOROSMART customer means benefiting from the business skills of our European specialists and tailor-made support.

Essential to guarantee consistency in the quality of our products, our teams impose strict quality control on the production lines and on completed productions.

Responsiveness, ethics, technical expertise, quality, and support are the key words embodied by FLUOROSMART.FLUOROSMART COMMITMENT CHARTER


With a couple of decades of experience in the production of high-performance plastics and technical products, we are able to limit the risks associated with industrial operations through our rigorous controls throughout the manufacturing process.

Our knowledge of production tools, suppliers, and consistency in the quality of their production is a guarantee of the success of your project. We are committed to ensuring a constant quality of service and production to offer you an optimal result.


At Fluorosmart, responsiveness is at the center of our service. We pride ourselves on our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs while maintaining a high degree of quality.

Thanks to our expertise, we are able to master each stage of the production of your needs, from design to delivery.

Our responsiveness is the result of our teams' total commitment to customer satisfaction. Each member of our staff is highly trained, qualified, and invested in the conduct of project management, the audit of production lines and shipments. We adapt quickly to changes and anticipate any difficulties, in order to guarantee you the best possible response.

When working with FLUOROSMART, you will benefit from our ability to respond quickly and efficiently to your needs, developing or sourcing the products you are purchasing.

We are committed to providing you with the best quality, at the best price, as soon as possible.

For FLUOROSMART, your satisfaction is our top priority. Our responsiveness is the guarantee of our professionalism, our expertise, and our commitment to you.


Thanks to our European technology perfectly mastered by Xiflon Shanghai since 2011, we are committed to producing only quality products.

For us, quality begins with compliance of the specifications, its validation, and its adequation to meet your request. We are committed to providing a product that meets your technical requirements as well as quality services.

We define the quality of our services by our continuous support as well as the speed and relevance of our actions and responses.

Our quality commitment implies on our part the ability to develop tailor-made products in collaboration with our technical, production, and shipping teams.

Through our professionalism, our knowledge of the industrial market, our selected partners, our technical teams, production, and shipping, we are able to meet your requirements with flexibility.


Our commitment to you is also defined by our continuous support, this consists of working in project mode by your side. We ask our dedicated teams for a total commitment to meet your requirements at the best cost, thanks to our international presence.

We guide you in your purchasing process, we are present at each stage, from project management to project completed, to provide you with total support by professionals throughout the process of carrying out your projects.

We attach great importance to the smallest details to ensure optimal quality, time savings, greater safety, and consistency in the quality of your products.

FLUOROSMART is there to support you and improve the performance of your production.


Our technical expertise guarantees you quality products that meet international quality standards.

Our expertise in the knowledge of the fields of application of technical plastic products is the GUARANTEE of the most accurate support in the choice of materials corresponding to your expectations.

We filter, analyze and identify your needs by reading your specifications to support you in your PERFORMANCE.

Our expertise at the service of your needs is guaranteed by our teams, their understanding of applications and manufacturing processes as well as the RELIABILITY of the products.

Compliance with specifications, compliance with quality, consistency, compliance with deadlines, compliance with product deliverability.


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