FLUOROSMART Sourcing, FLUOROSMART’s purchasing office, offers you a complete monitoring and support solution for your purchases in China.

Our role will be that of enabling you to have access to the Chinese market while limiting the risks and optimising the costs associated with your purchases.

We have the capability to support you on a long-term basis with large-scale projects or one-time assignments.

We will provide you with the details of certified suppliers, identified and approved by FLUOROSMART, based on your needs and technical requirements.

THE FLUOROSMART SOURCING LABEL means that you benefit from REAL guarantees

A purchasing office with a team of locals and foreigners set up in the country of purchase

In order to have production carried out in China, you must prepare your project well, be very clear about all the parameters, and submit perfectly drafted specifications in Chinese and/or English ahead of time. You must say and specify everything, and keep everything up to date throughout the period of preparation of your order.

In order to successfully complete your projects, it is essential that your specifications be perfectly drafted in Chinese and/or English with a high level of detail.

FLUOROSMART Sourcing can also help you tackle the intricacies of the correspondences between the standards in force.

That is why our team is present at every stage of the process of sourcing your custom-made or standard products to ensure a high level of control and thus minimise disputes and anomalies.

Our Chinese experts handle the task of communicating and negotiating with local suppliers.

Our foreign staff have a real understanding of European quality standards, and a comprehensive appreciation of your requirements.

A purchasing office that selects alternative suppliers

Although there are online directories listing Chinese suppliers, the biggest risk, that of getting tricked, remains. The Chinese market involves several twists and turns in which one can easily get lost. One must be wary of the unscrupulous sellers and extremely tempting offers at highly attractive prices that can be found on the Internet.

When identifying new suppliers, it is essential to really familiarise yourself with the company that you wish to work with, to meet its managers, and to create a relationship of trust with them.

FLUOROSMART Sourcing puts its 20 years of experience in the Chinese market and its network of manufacturers, lawyers, and legal advisors at the service of your sourcing process in order to help you meet your goals.

FLUOROSMART Sourcing selects and vets alternatives suppliers than those easily available from online directories in order to help you stay away from bad surprises and cultural shock.

A purchasing office that offers a complete range of services

Fluorosmart supervises the entire purchasing process, from the drafting of the specifications to the organisation and dispatch of orders and post-order follow-up :

  • Monitoring Chinese bids,
  • Sourcing (obtaining catalogues, finding suppliers, etc.),
  • Evaluating suppliers (verification of legal information, factory audit, etc.),
  • Drafting and/or validating clear and precise specifications in Chinese and/or English,
  • Researching and providing assistance with the development of new products,
  • Complete follow-up of purchases (samples, prototypes, orders),
  • Regular and random inspections of products at the factory,
  • Supervising container loading,
  • Organising and monitoring laboratory tests,
  • Organising and monitoring shipments
  • Resolving conflicts throughout the order follow-up process,
  • Organising professional product photography.

A purchasing office that conducts all your business negotiations

In order to make purchases correctly in China, it is essential to be able to rely on a local service provider that can handle communication and establish a relationship of trust with local suppliers.

By ‘local’, we mean someone from the region who will understand the nuances and subtleties of business transactions in that region.

Our many decades of experience in the Chinese market give us a great advantage when it comes to successfully negotiating contracts with local manufacturers :

  • Rapid response times,
  • Massive ground coverage,
  • Flexibility,
  • Profitability,
  • Consistency of prices.

Being a client of FLUOROSMART Sourcing means increasing profitability and limiting the risks associated with purchasing in China.

A purchasing office that guarantees constant quality control on production lines through regular and random inspections of all approved suppliers

Thanks to the expertise of our local teams, which are perfectly integrated into China’s industrial sector, we ensure the consistency and quality of the production of your orders.

We carry out regular, unscheduled checks at all levels of the product manufacturing process, while always fully adhering to the specifications.